Taco Shop

Tyler Posey (Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare) heads an all-star cast in this urban comedy from the producer of Selena. Discovering his mother is in debt and losing their family home, Smokes (Posey) gives up his plan to resign from Taco Dollar and open his own shop. The pressure mounts when a gourmet taco truck parks across the street and an all-out war ensues as Bruce (Brian Huskey) and his band of cholos challenges the crew for taco supremacy. Can Smokes unite his co-workers and fight to save Taco Dollar?   

Directed by: Joaquin Perea

Story by: Oskar Toruno

Screenplay by: Oskar Toruno, Rick Najera

Starring: Tyler Posey, Felipe Esparza, Paula Jai Parker, Johnny Sanchez, Brian Huskey, Dan Bakkedahl, Parvesh Cheena, Carlos Alazraqui, George Perez, Cookie Hull